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Himalayan Salt Spheres- Massage Tools, Skin Exfoliants, Natural Relaxation

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Have your ever wanted to experience a Himalayan Salt Bath?

Now you can! 

Himalayan Salt Spheres are similar to Bath Bombs, BUT are all natural- longer lasting- and better effective for the skin. These Salt spheres are user-friendly and interactive! In comparison to epsom salt, Himalayan salt spheres allow for direct application to your skin for a full sense of exfoliation and relaxation!  

Himalayan Salt is a natural exfoliant, uplifts your mood, and aids in spiritual connection. Himalayan Salt spheres are used to release ions that purify the skin and clear negative energy.  Himalayan Salt spheres make for great gifts and can be used for soothing massage therapy! These Himalayan Salt spheres promotes a relaxing experience for any occasion! note: When Himalayan salt gets wet, it may dissolve over time. 

Each Himalayan salt spheres are unique and may vary, emphasizing the natural quality of Himalayan Salt Lamps! 

Order a Set of 4 for just $35 to share or give as gifts!
Approximate Size: 1" 1.5" diameter 

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