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The Yin Yang Bracelets- Hematite and Howlite Lava Bead Stretch Cord

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Yin and Yang: Great for balancing the body and mind, balancing the light and dark or positive and negative energies. Howlite: An extremely calming stone for overactive minds. Symbolizes purity and wholeness. The marble patterned stone represents yin and yang energies coming together in harmony as on. Hematite: powerful stone that energizes the root chakra, used for grounding and protection. Effective in harmonizing the mind, body, and spirit. 

Size: Small-Medium Wrist

A one of a kind, uniquely handmade, Yin and Yang Lava Bead Bracelet set. Lava beads are a great way to absorb essential oils all day long!  Each stone and material is consciously crafted to get the best results. The interior is made with durable 1mm stretch cord.

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