Thank you for being here! 

My name is Amanda, creator of the Art Soul shop.
I'm an artsy child at heart- in the body of a new age, bohemian woman from Northeast, Ohio.

I love to create. Whether it's painting, drawing, or crystal jewelry... when I’m making art, I feel most like myself.

I get a sense of freedom in just being me and doing what I love, that others love too. 

During childhood, I was obsessed with craft projects and making something out of nothing. When asked what I wanted to be when I grow up, the answer was simple. I want to be an Artist.   

My Mission

The goal of Art Soul shop is to create unique gifts that bring harmony to one's home, inner being, or relationships.

By combining art, nature, and crystals, we can feel connected, empowered, and live with intention!

I believe in the power of art as a way of healing the mind, body and soul. Art is a way to be present in the moment.

It's a way to let go of worry and transform energy to create positivity.

Art is beneficial for everyone because it allows us to see what we subconsciously feel or think. 

Art is all around us, and within us! 

My Beginning

As a little girl, my wise-as-an-owl, yoga-before-it-was-cool,
strong-inspiring Mom, took me to collect a bag of gemstones.

We went to a quaint gift shop that had a bucket saturated of tumbled stones. I filled up my little velvet pouch to the very brim as stones were falling out. I didn't fully understand why, but I sure knew one thing without a doubt... I loved those rocks! 

Now as a 25 year old, I'm still charmed with rocks while
having a deeper understanding of the meaning and purpose behind them.  Collecting rocks is a way I appreciate the Earth and nature.


My Therapy

Although I grew up in a supportive and loving home,

I suffered from anxiety and depression, making me feel drained, uncontrollable and dissatisfied with life.

I had the choice to either dwell in my struggles

or find a way to overcome it. 

I began art therapy which helped me calm, channel, and bring awareness to my own mental health.

The process allowed me to gain inner peace, rather than becoming dependent on something external to fulfill happiness. 


No matter who you are or where you come from good or bad,

mental health can deeply effect you and the people you love. 
My goal is to help people who also struggle with mental health by healing with arts and spirituality. 

The philosophy that impacted my life the most is the Law of Attraction.

Meaning- What you focus on, you attract.  

I realized that only you can create the life you want.

With the influence of self-help author Louise Hay, I was able to 

heal my life through art therapy, crystals and affirmations. 

My work is infused with positive reiki energy and strength, so that whoever is using it can feel empowered. 



My Experience

After earning my Bachelors degree in Fine Arts and Design,  I managed a local art studio teaching hundreds of classes and events. My range of experience continues to grow after 7+ years of intensive art training, combined with a natural intuitive ability.

I've taken numerous classes to deepen my understanding of the energetic powers of crystals, Reiki, use of affirmations, visualizations, essential oils and other aspects of natural holistic practices. I'm passionate about learning and exploring new art forms. 

Each piece I create has a meaningful message behind it that can help others! If you are looking for an item, I can intuitively pick you out a special stone based on your needs. 

I enjoy connecting with all types of diverse people. Whether you are newly interested in art and metaphysics 

or have been for a while,  I'm here to help you!




Meet the Team!


James, Head of Digital Operations

James Stone is a Digital Marketing Specialist and Web Developer / Self- proclaimed nerd living near Cleveland, Ohio.

He has been in the Marketing / Digital Design Industry since 2008.

With his creative mindset and genuine ambition for helping others, he helped launched the Art Soul shop website.

With his go-getter attitude and desire to learn, he pushed himself to success.

With a wide range of experience in Graphic Design and Digital Marketing, he finds ways to develop innovative and aesthetically pleasing solutions.

James has a proven history of increasing sales, profits and morale at companies with his skills in technology and design.

He is a highly reliable person to work with and extremely passionate in following his dreams.

His lesson is to push yourself to work harder, to learn more, and to never, ever stop succeeding. 

James and I have been friends for over 15 years and counting.

I am so grateful to have his support. 

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