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Flower Agate Natural Tower Crystal Point | Cherry Blossom Agate | Colorful Pink Blue Green Orange | Display Pretty Crystal | Love Peace Harmony | Wedding Crystal

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Flower Agate- a type of agate and chalcedony blend with multiple colors ranging from pinks and purples encourages one to heighten ambition with purpose by following their dreams. Inspiring happiness and passion. This creative stone is a self healer and nurturer. Erasing doubt. 

Use this crystal display piece on night stands, altars, living room mantles, coffee tables, work desk and more. 

Note: Each stone varies in size, shape, inclusions and colors to emphasize the natural essence of the stones.

Size Approximately Range by WEIGHT! Meaning, the length and height will vary from  2 - 3.6 " tall / .5 - 1.3" wide

Some pieces are short and wide, some are tall and narrow! If you have a special request on size, I will always do my vary best to accommodate your needs based on available crystals! Message @theartsoulshop or email [email protected] to confirm we can accommodate your requests!

XS 35-38 grams

S 40-48 grams

Medium 50-58 grams

Medium 60-68 grams

Medium 70-75 grams

Large 87-108 grams

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