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Golden Healers Crystal Point, Healing, Creation, Happiness Polished Point

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Tags: Crystals, polished, point, happiness, sun, Golden Healer Quartz, yellow, gold, Orange Stones, Positivity Crystals, calming, meditation, peace, light

Golden Healer Quartz- A powerful crystals that is both calming and gentle. Connects with the healing powers of Divine spirit and Creation raising energetic vibrations and frequencies. Use golden healer in home decor, meditation, reiki, or therapy to sustain healing energy. This is stone enhancing happiness, wholeness, and inner peace. As the golden light resonates within the soul boosting the physical body and balancing aura. 

The multi faced crisp angles of this pointed crystal which can be used to direct energy. 

Each stone may slightly vary in size, tint, shape, and inclusions to enhance the natural essence of the stone. 

Size Approximately:

Small- .88" wide x 2.5" tall   weight- 27-36 grams

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