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Tigers Eye Heart for Confidence Boost and Intuition

  • $15.00

Tags: Crystals, Crystal Healing, Tigers Eye, Shiny, Polished, Hearts, Tigers Eye, Palm Stones, Confidence, Anxiety, Intuition, Solar Plexus, Gut, Health, Yellow, Brown, Gold, Metallic, Capricorn, Leo, Fire, Earth

Tigers Eye will brighten your spirit wherever you go.  Tigers eye represents confidence, empowerment, and intuition. The natural shine and reflection of this Tigers Eye heart magnifies the heart healing.

Each heart is hand-picked, infused with positive energy, and cleansed with the healing techniques of Reiki and crystal singing bowls. 

Astrological Zodiac Signs: Capricorn + Leo

Element Signs: Fire + Earth

Size :  2”x 2” x .5"

Note: Each crystal is unique and sizes and pattern may vary to enhance the natural essence of the stone.

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