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Pyrite Crystal for Shielding Energy Strength and Will Power Meditation and Decor

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The energy of pyrite allows manifestation to activate. Pyrite is  a stone that shields negative energy, promotes well-being, enhances mental strength and will power.  It is a A stone of luck and prosperity. It is good for shielding negative energy and attracting abundance. It is a creative stone and encourages one to pursue their dreams. Pyrite, also known as fool's gold because of pyrite crystals shiny hue and uniquely formed square shaped clusters. Great to hold during mediation, Home decor to brighten your day, or your coffee table if you need strength and uplifting   to promote wealth and prosperity. Enhance the quality of male energy and balance of the root and solar plexus chakra. Pyrite is a powerful stone when increasing your energy, focus, and determine to achieve your goals. 

Pyrite Tumbled Stones are each unique to emphasize the natural rock like feel and may slightly vary is shape size or hue. The photos accurately represent the nature of the stone.

Approximate Size: 1.5" -2"

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