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Positivity and Calmness Celestite Crystal Geode Throat Chakra

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Tags: throat chakra, Celestite, geode, blue crystal, blue, light blue, positive, calming, sleep, insomnia, Angelic Realm, prayer, psychic abilities, angels

Celestite is a gentle blue crystal geode that brings a positive and calming vibration. Put this cluster by your bed or under your pillow for a peaceful sleep and dream recall. This stone has a powerful connection to the Angelic Realm and your higher guides of consciousness. Encourages prayer and uplifting affirmations. It helps enhance spiritual growth and developments of psychic abilities. Use this stone to sooth your souls sense of life path. Create a serenity over stressful and overwhelming situations. 

 Size Approximately: 

Small-  2” W x 1-1.5” H 

Medium 3.5”-3.75” W 2.5” H 

please note these are stock photos that resemble the item you will receive but may not the exact one pictures . sizes, shapes, and tints may vary to emphasize the natural essence of the stone. Thank you!! 

Large- email [email protected] for large pre-orders

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