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Peace & Positivity

Peace and Positivity

 A positive person is a mighty magnet for attracting good vibes. When you're feeling positive, and at peace, it allows your mind to be free from worry so you can focus your intentions on manifesting your future. These calming crystals are known to help you dramatically increase the positivity in your life. Simply said: May the peace be with you. 

Handmade 7 Gemstone Chakra Wand

Handmade 7 Gemstone Chakra Wand


Handmade 7 Chakra Stones Wand is great for beginners interested in stones or anyone looking to re-align their energy centers. Used for a gorgeous display, meditation, chakra alignment, reiki healing and energy work. The chakra stone set includes Red Jasper, Orange Calcite or Carnelian, Citrine, Gree..

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