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Master Healing Lemurian Quartz Point for Mediation Energy Uplifting and Cleansing

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Natural Crystal and Ethically Sourced Lemurian Quartz Master healing stone for clearing and magnifying your intentions. This is a thoughtful, yet affordable gift for any loved ones on any occasion, gift to a special person, relationship, or as a treat yourself. The healing properties come with a customized card that explains more about this stone!  This is a special type of natural Quartz point which have a unique display or bar code texture. 

These points can be used in crafts, decor, prisms or sun catchers, meditation, feelings of focus and clearing the mind. 

Carry this crystal with you as a reminder of your positive thoughts. The powerful healing vibrations will help you stay focused on the things that matter most to you, especially in times when life is challenging or confusing. Activate all chakras with this small and minimal, yet mighty stone. 

* Amps up energy, enhances other crystals, place on your crown chakra to boost positive thoughts!

*Great to put on your crown chakra, desk or travel with you as a reminder of your intentions and goals! 

*Clear quartz is the most versatile healing stone in existence, known as a master healing crystal because it's capable of absorbing negative energy from surrounding areas.  


These are smaller crystals. Each stone is unique and will slightly varies in size, width, shape, inclusions, and color tint. 

*For special or custom request (such as what specific crystals are available), send us a quick message and we will get back to you with pictures as soon as possible! ou don't message me with your special request,  other wise crystals are intuitively selected at random <3 <3 

*For BULK requests, please message me as a pre-order is required. thank you!

Each piece is measured and put in their closest size range. The pictures shown authentically depict the natural crystal quality from the Earth. *

Size Approximately:

Mini- .5"-.75" long approx.

Small- .75 long approx.

Medium- 1" long approx.

Large- 1.25" long approx.

XL- 1.5-1.75" long approx

2XL- 1.8-2" long approx

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