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The Psychology of Color

Colors can subconsciously tell us about our feelings, moods, businesses, etc. Read this blog to learn more about the Psychology of Color, and what feelings and adjectives are commonly tied to various colors and tones.

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Presence and Positive Energy

The learning process is all about presence. The energy you give, is the energy you receive. So I ask you this- How do you feel right now? Happy, Sad, Annoyed, Excited, Bored, Focused, Anxious, Curious? It’s our natural human right to feel. How we handle our feelings is ultimately our responsibility.

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Past, Present, and Future

Sometimes, even just the simplest poem can help to brighten your day! Read our Past, Present, and Future blog to gain some inspiration and positivity to go forth with your day with!

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Our Mission as Artists

What is our Mission as Artists at ArtSoulShop? Read this blog to learn more about what we value Art as, and what our mission to deliver to our customers/fan-base is. Art means different things to different people, but learn more about our values and goals as artists in the blog below!

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Crystal Meanings and Properties

Discover more about your crystal or which crystals would enhance your energy.

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10 Art Benefits for Everyone

Art is everywhere. Whether you’re viewing or creating art there are infinite ways to allow imagination to enrich your life. Art is music, theater, painting, drawing, writing, dancing, singing, design, architecture, fashion, interior design, and more.

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