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Heart Chakra Crystal Confetti Gemstone Mix for Abundance and Healing Raw Fuchsite Heart Health Heart Chakra Stones

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Heart Chakra Crystal Confetti Gemstone Mix for Abundance and Healing

The Heart Chakra is associated with love, compassion, and forgiveness. By working with these stones, you can open yourself up to giving and receiving love more freely. The abundant energy of these crystals will also help attract more abundance into your life. So if you're looking for a way to heal your heart and manifest your dreams, this is the perfect mix for you!

This crystal mix contains tiny natural gemstones that are perfect for crystal healing, confidence, manifesting and abundance.  This mixed bag of heart stones is perfect for DIY crafts, meditation, crystal gridding, spellers, plants, or decor!  This is the perfect blend of crystal confetti for love and healing, the heart chakra. Especially if your a crystal beginner, this handmade natural crystal mix makes a great way to learn stones and their healing properties or beautiful characteristics


* A large assortment of crystals for your heart chakra, for example Green Aventurine, Rose Quartz,  Pink Botswana Agate, Red Tigers Eye, Prehnite and more!

*Crystal Meaning cards so you can learn more about each stone and their healing properties.

I am so excited for this confetti! I had so much fun making it. You know confetti is one of my favorite things in the shop, I love hand picking all the treasures to create the perfect and most beautiful mix for you! I love how the colors all blend together.

Every crystal scoop is different, you get a variety of crystals with this mix, BUT if you are looking for specific items please contact us for the specific items. These are “lucky scoops” and we cannot guarantee what comes in each scoop- However, the photos accurately represent the amount of each bag and quality of what you will receive.  Each stone slightly varies in shape and size, emphasizing its natural earth quality.

scoops by weight: 

4 oz 1/2 bag- 1/2 cup scoop

8 oz bags 1 cup scoop PICTURED

11 oz jars- 1 1/2 scoop

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