Moldavite Transformation Stone Starborn Meteorite Healing Manifesting Czech Republic Necklace |

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Moldavite Transformation Stone Starborn Meteorite Healing Manifesting Czech Republic Necklace

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Minimal wire wrapping style, enhancing the natural essence of each stone. 

Moldavite was formed from a meteorite occurring over 15 million years ago and is rarely sourced from Czech Republic. Moldavite resonates with your heart chakra healing and is intended to bring detoxing and spiritual growth and transformation towards your highest purpose. Attracting what relates to your spiritual evolutions, clearing what no longer serves your highest divine good. The high vibrations and mystical power of moldavite increases synchronistic moments and manifestations. Awaken to your highest self with moldavite crystal. For empaths and those sensitive to energy- moldavite pairs well with black tourmaline for grounding and protection, diamond quartz, larimar or blue calming stones. And as always, wear as needed/ intended. 

Each Moldavite varies in size, color, shape, inclusions to emphasize the natural essence of the stones. 

Approximate Size and Weight of Moldavite Piece Ranges:

Extra Small: 8-15 mm  / .5-.9 grams

Small  11-20 mm / 1-1.3 grams

Each necklace is custom handmade to order. For special requests, please email [email protected] or message us on Instagram @theartsoulshop to confirm availability. Wire and chains may vary as this is a customize order.

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