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Agate Slices Natural Crystal | Harmony | Spiritual Balance - Display for Crystal Altar | Art Soul Shop

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Do you feel like something is off balance in your life? Do you need a little extra protection against negative energy? Or are you simply looking for a beautiful and spiritual addition to your home décor? If so, our agate slices are perfect for you!

 Agate slices are natural crystals that provide harmony and spiritual balance. They are used to protect against negative energies and promote self-worth.

This set of agate slices is perfect for a crystal altar or any collection. Add some natural beauty and harmony to your home with these agate slices.

These stunning crystals are perfect for creating a sacred space in your home, or for adding to your collection.Agate slices are known for their ability to protect against negative energy and promote self-worth. They make a beautiful decoration for any room and are sure to bring a sense of peace and enlightenment.

Not only do agate slices make a great decoration, but they can also help to create an energy of peace and enlightenment in your home. They're especially perfect for large rooms or zen spaces like the family living room or yoga studio. Whether you're looking for a way to improve your own energy or create a more positive atmosphere in your home, agate slices are a wonderful choice.

Sizes and Colors Vary to enhance the natural essence of each stone!  Approximately: 

A-  2.5"

B- 2.5"

C- 4.25"X3"

D- 4X 3.75"

E- 4.5 X5"

F- 5.5 X 3.75"

G- 5 X 5"

H-7.75 X 5.75"

I- 8.75" X 7.75"

J- 10" X 10.5"

K- 12 " X 8"

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